Certificašção & Inspeção

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KOPSIA makes specialized and technical inspections with our without the use of DRONES.

Quality inspections with or without the use of DRONES;
b Inspections on Offshore and OnShore equipments;
b Security Inspections to comply with the Brazilian NR rules and regulations;
b Industrial Inspections;
b Inspections in big structures and power lines;
b OffShore real time monitoring of Special Operations (OnShore and OffShore).

Advnatages of Inspections with DRONES

- Reduction of up to 70% of inspection time;
- Minimizes operation costs, achieving savings of up to 80%;
- Prevents exposure to risk by replacing the manual inspection process with HD and / or high-definition thermal cameras;



Compliance inspections with the Brazilian Laws and regulations on Service boats, Driling Rigs, Platforms and Tankers;
Structures and Equipments Inspections;
Topside Inspections;
Flair live Inspection;
Innspections with thermal cameras;
Risk areas Inspections;
Inspection of decommissioning structure ;
Underdeck inspections;
Emergency inspections;
Inspection of live power lines;
Inspection of communication towers;
Inspection of industrial chimneys;
Inspection of bridges;
Inspection of structures in general;
Inspection of rails;
Inspection of wind turbines;
Internal inspection of tanks;
Inspection of solar panels;
Inspection of refineries;
Inspection of pipelines;

Inspeção fuel Tanks;

Inspeção of Tankers;

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