Certification & Inspection

Kopsia Engenharia

Kopsia has been offering quality services to the Brazilian oil & gas industry, follows some brief description of these services:



Kopsia offers the certification services of local content of products and services.

Local Content Certification

Kopsia offers several auditing services in the legal area, such as: registration and creating of local companies, complying with the ANP obligations and auctions.

Legal Consultant

Adequacy and certification of vessels and enterprises regarding compliance with standards:

• Current ANP Standards;
• Standards NR (12, 13, ...);
• Environmental Standards;

To obtain more information about our services:

Tel: 55 21 3546-6350

Cell: 55 21 8604-8300

Email: [email protected]


Kopsia assists in licensing with ANP and Environmental and Labor bodies.


Kopsia performs INSPECTIONS (with or without the use of DRONES) and MONITORING OF OPERATIONS in real time with the use of DRONES.

Audit, Compliance and Certification

Inspections with or without DRONES

Kopsia offers consulting services and training to help the companies better understand and comply with the local content of products and services obligations from ANP.